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Our mission is to meet both the technical and musical needs of music lovers of all tastes, through the pursuit of excellence in the design, manufacture and marketing of world class products with respect to performance, features and quality.

We believe the ability to accurately reproduce live voices and musical instruments is the key to recreating the live performance.

DUNTECH loudspeakers embody a balance between theory and practice, objective measurement and subjective listening.

Hearing is believing.

DUNTECH loudspeakers have been acclaimed by many highly respected and widely read international audiophile magazines, including Audio, Australian Hi-Fi, Digital Audio, Gramaphone, HI-FI Choice and Stereophile.

Seven of the world's highly regarded amplifier manufacturers have chosen DUNTECH loudspeakers as their reference monitors, including Krell, Classe Audio, Spectral, Rowland Research, Mondial and Audio Research. Swiss manufacturer FM Acoustics has consistently chosen DUNTECH loudspeakers for auditioning at audiophile shows held in recent years.

Several of the world's top recording studios have chosen DUNTECH loudspeakers, including RCA, DMP, Masterdisc, Harmonia Mundi, Reference Recordings, Georgetown Mastering, and many others. Sony has recently appointed DUNTECH loudspeakers for its New York Recording Studios.


DUNTECH loudspeakers are sold in 30 countries around the world. The Company's world-wide distribution network is composed of highly regarded importers, each with their own network of "high end" dealers.