Gemstone Series

Emerald Sapphire Opal
'Emerald' judged Loudspeaker of the Year  1998/99 !
Sound and Image Magazine
The Emerald is the flagship of the Gemstone Series. For the first time we have incorporated several different design techniques into a single unit which delivers what we believe is a new benchmark in quality sound reproduction. Handcrafted cabinets made from the finest Australian and imported timbers house new and innovative design ideas. Each Emerald is made as a pair from start to finish, no "production line" techniques are employed in it's assembly. Every component is tested and ensured of meeting the quality required before being applied. The sound qualities of the Emerald are apparent from the first audition. "Inspiring". "Awesome", "Delicate yet Powerful" are just some of the comments made by our critical listening panel when first hearing the speaker.
Highs are crystal clear, the midrange is clean and very detailed and the bass powerful, extended and fast.
We admit that the Emerald may not be for everyone. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes, but if you are looking for a high quality, high reliability, very carefully engineered loudspeaker from one of the best known and respected loudspeaker manufacturers then the Emerald may well be the speaker for you.
Let your ears make the decision.

Specifications - Technical Excellence 

The Emerald is the culmination of over a year of research and design. It incorporates many technically excellent design principles, which are rarely brought together into a single design. The Emerald is a three way loudspeaker using Damped Polymer Composite (DPC) magnetically shielded drivers. These drivers use low loss rubber surrounds to eliminate the possibility of deterioration over time. The heart of the drivers, including the tweeter, utilise Hexatech Aluminium wire voice coils wound on Aluminium formers, this provides superior power handling and eliminates dynamic compression due to heating. The midrange drivers have a huge 75mm voice coil which evenly drives the shallow profile cone, reducing cone break up and reducing distortion at high power levels. The tweeter is a hand treated soft dome type which is driven by a large diameter voice coil, immersed in low viscosity Ferrofluid. It also incorporates three powerful magnets for high efficiency and to maintain linear response at all power levels. the bass response of the Emerald is powerful and extended due to the complex techniques used to load the two 220mm bass drivers. The upper bass unit is a sealed type providing very fast, transient bass response. The lower driver is loaded in it's own enclosure by means of a carefully tuned quad reflex design. Four specially selected tuned resonant "ports" are carefully positioned in the cabinet to provide smooth and extended bass response to below 30Hz. All of the drivers are mounted in their own separate enclosures to eliminate the possibility of driver interaction.

The cabinet is heavily damped internally with acoustic absorbing materials placed with the aid of computer modelling for maximum effect. The cabinet is also extensively cross braced with individual wooden "bars". These are shaped to minimise the possibility of interaction with sound waves travellling inside the enclosure. Hardened steel spikes are also provided with every loudspeaker which are secured to the cabinet by means of integral steel threaded inserts. The loudspeaker is wired internally with heavy gauge low loss silver plated cable and provided with high quality gold plated dual terminals suitable for bi-wiring or passive bi-amplification.

Frequency Response  32Hz - 20KHz 2.5dB 
Efficiency  91.5dB SPL 
Impedence  4 ohms Nominal 
Recommended Amplifier
60w RMS  
Power Rating  300 Watts 1000 Watts peak power 
Dimensions  1440mm High, 290mm Wide, 460mm Deep 
Weight  44kg 

Jarrah, Brazilian Rosewood, 
Black Oak. Other finishes 
available on request.