Gemstone Series

Emerald Sapphire Opal
ONYX with cover off ONYX with cover on

Onyx Centre Channel - The Onyx has been introduced to further enhance a two channel system and improve the quality of pure imaging and depth to a sound system, and is also a high quality addition to home theatre applications. Similar to the very popular Opal loudspeakers the Onyx is a two way, three driver design. Treated with diffraction controlling felt, the tweeter is time collimated.

The crossover is a first order type which guarantees a smooth and flat phase and amplitude response. Two 160mm bass/midrange drivers ensure compatible and accurate sonic output from the high to very low frequencies. The Onyx cabinet finish is in standard texture black, or alternative timber veneer as an optional extra.

Frequency Response  37Hz - 20KHz ▒ 3dB 
Efficiency  89dB SPL
Impedence  8 ohms Nominal 
Recommended Amplifier Power  30w (Transistor)  
Power Rating  500 Watts (Peak power for 10Ás)
Dimensions  180mm High, 690mm Wide, 370mm Deep 
Weight  15kg 
Jarrah, Brazilian Rosewood, Black Oak. Other finishes available on request