Gemstone Series

Emerald Sapphire Opal
The Opal, as a member of the Gemstone Series, features outstanding musical reproduction in the true Duntech tradition. The sound is both refined and powerful, reproducing the original performance as it was intended.

The beautifully handcrafted cabinets are constructed from the finest Australian and Imported timbers. The design employs simple yet stylish lines which belie the complex and advanced technology hidden within. Years of technical experience and dedication to the quality reproduction of music have culminated in the Gemstone Series. Like its namesake, the Opal is a unique and precious addition to the Series which we guarantee will deliver many years of listening pleasure.


Specifications - Technical Excellence

A two way, three driver design in which the drivers are mounted in a symmetrical fashion along a vertical axis. Treated with diffraction controlling felt, the tweeter is time collimated. The crossover is a first order type to guarantee a smooth and flat phase and amplitude response. The upper bass driver is a sealed type which provides the tightest most transient bass response, while the lower driver incorporates a precision tuned dual reflex design to produce the most extended low frequency response from the slim line design. These two alignments combine to provide a very detailed and extended bass which maintains all of the detail and musicality of the lowest musical notes.

Heavy gauge low loss silver cable is used throughout the loudspeaker.

The Opal is provided with high quality gold plated dual terminals suitable for bi wiring or passive bi amplification.

Frequency Response 37Hz - 20KHz ▒3dB
Efficiency 89dB SPL
Impedence 4 ohms Nominal
Recommended Amplifier
30w (Transistor)
Power Rating 500 w (Peak power for 10Ás)
Dimensions 975mm High, 180mm Wide, 200mm Deep
Weight 20kg
Finish Jarrah, Brazilian Rosewood,
Black Oak. Other finishes
available on request.