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Studio Series


Price / Performance Breakthrough

The new DUNTECH PCL10 Loudspeaker has been designed to delight music lovers who are on a tight budget or have small listening rooms.

Faithful to DUNTECH design philosophy that has produced products which have won international acclaim, the PCL10 proudly carries DUNTECH quality to its least expensive price point.

The diminutive PCL10 was engineered without compromise to possess all of the characteristics of true DUNTECH 'pulse coherent' loudspeakers - musicality, transient precision and accuracy - all necessary features of a live performance.


Big Sound from a Small Speaker

The PCL10 delivers a sense of scale that is truly amazing for such a small loudspeaker. Even large symphonic works are rendered realistically in space. Exceptionally even tonal balance and a very high resolving power are features of this very revealing loudspeaker.

Finished in stunning Australian Jarrah veneer, the PCL10 will find appeal as an audiophile quality loudspeaker in its own right for both home and professional use.

The PCL10 Loudspeaker is a proud addition to the DUNTECH family of products that are distinguished by a level of documented performance which clearly demonstrates their superiority.

Specifications - Technical Excellence

What Makes the PCL10 so Special?

The choice of the very latest technology drive units and first order crossover result in near perfect amplitude and phase response.

Amplitude response is very flat at ▒ dB from 80Hz to 20kHz, with useful extension below 60Hz (-3dB at 70Hz).

Sensitivity of 85dB and impedance at a well behaved 6 ensures this speaker can be used with a wide range of amplifiers.



Frequency Response
Measured at 3.5M (11.5ft) on the tweeter axis
▒ 2dB - 3db down 70Hz
Referenced at 1M (3.3 ft) on tweeter axis with an input of 2.83 volts RMS (1 watt at 8 ohms)
85dB SPL
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Power Rating
Peak power for 10 ÁS
200 watts
Recommended Amplifier Power
Minimum RMS per channel
60 watts
Pulse Coherency Factor
Propagation time error at 3.5M (11.5 ft) on the tweeter axis
Less than
Phase Variation versus Frequency
Varies less that ▒35 deg
150Hz to 15kHz
Varies less than ▒20░
Crossover First order type

1x110mm (4.3")
1x10mm (.8")
Input Terminals Gold plated, accepts bonana, spade or cable connections
Bi-Wiring Yes
Passive Bi-Amplification Yes
Available in Jarrah, Brazilian Rosewood and Black Oak.

275mm (11")
170mm 6.8")
226mm (9")
Placement Tripod, shelf or stand -
35mm camera tripod fitting standard
Wall mount bracket optional extra
Warranty Five (5) years, subject to Duntech Audio Warranty Policy and return of Warranty Registration Form
Stand Optional

Specifications are subjecct to change without notice due to the Duntech ongoing development programme.