Andrea Von Salis reviews the Baron in L'Amateur Professionel (Italy) - July 1993

"The immediate impression is the propensity for the sound scene of the large speakers to disappear altogether, making way for an imaginary scenario which is truly interesting for the depth of its range and also for its height and width.

"...the orchestra appears endowed with a grandiose impact and a voluminousness which transcends the significant dimensions reached in the spatial reconstruction.

"...truly remarkable is the sound of the strings, rough and silky at the right times but with a touch of gentle aggression which is particularly fascinating.

"Excellent width and height once again add qualities to the imaginary scenario that are as fascinating as they are unique.

"...they are very highly recommended not only for lovers of classical music, but also for lovers of jazz and rock, as long as they appreciate the vivacious and noble grace that the Barons confer on the entire sound range"

Report on the Baron D300 in Inner Ear (Canada) - June 1993

"When blindfolded, the only give-away as to the speaker's size, is the full, energetic bass.

"Duntech has taken the classic principles of loudspeaker design and arranged them in a complementary fashion to extract optimum performance.

"This class A design made it clear that the Barons handle sophistication as well as well as clout."

Review of the Baron in Australian Hi-Fi - July 1992

"In fact, the concept is so obvious that it makes one wonder why ALL loud-speakers are not made this way.

"Even if you normally listen only at low levels, I can assure you that once you have listened to the Baron D300, you will have an inescapable urge to increase the volume."